About Me

I love making things happen.

Life is all about routing traffic; traffic in your personal and professional life.  I like the discipline of Project Management because it is all about managing such traffic and having a successful end result. I have a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to prove it. I’ve had the privilege of managing projects larger than $1 Million in budget, and have enjoyed conquering and solving for the challenges that have come with them.

I am a digital explorer and intra/entrepreneur.

I’ve been working at digital/online marketing in some capacity or another for the last 20 years. I worked for a SEO company (Defining Presence Marketing Group) before the term SEO even existed, and then worked for 15 years with a digital promotions (“chances to win” online promotions for companies marketing online) company called IC Group LP. After that I joined a social media services company called icuc.social where I work currently. I’ve had the amazing privilege of blazing trails in all the companies I’ve worked for and helped them all mature and improve their results.

I also love teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

As such I’ve coached baseball for 7+ years for minor league ball teams as my son has grown up through the age categories. Helping people has always come naturally to me and has manifested in the form of business consulting and teaching project management skills through New Media Manitoba for the last several years. Time spent teaching and consulting has enabled me to assist other companies and project managers improve their project delivery success rates. I’m always open to helping even more businesses and building my network – so don’t hesitate to look me up! I’m here on LinkedIN and you can find me on Twitter or Facebook as well.

You can’t spend all your time working.

I love gaming: tabletop and video/online. I’m “Imbecile000” on XBOX Live. Look me up sometime. I’m a big fan of real-time strategy games like Starcraft by Blizzard, and I’ve also logged many hours on large story games like the Witcher, Borderlands, Dragon Age and Red Dead Redemption. I’m also a sucker for Overwatch or other games you can just jump into and play a match or two.

I also love cooking when I have the time. Some of my favorite recipes are posted right here on this site. I love looking for new recipes/tastes/flavors. I am often retweeting new recipes from Bon Appetit magazine or perusing SeriousEats.com for ideas.

I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment or contact me through this site’s contact page.  I wish you all the best in life and in your career.

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